Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Husband ROCKS!

I love my husband! He's so handy! And he's such a manly man! Yesterday, I thought our dryer died. In the middle of drying our comforter, the drum stopped turning. Insert a somewhat grumpy Jess here. While we have another dryer, it is currently out in the garage, buried under a mountain of tools. That, and it's snowy and yucky outside, the yard is quite slick and Casey would also need his dad (or some other manly man of which I know very few) to help him move it from the garage to the house cuz everyone knows that I'm an absolute wuss with anything heavy.

So, my hubby comes home today and starts taking the dryer apart. I didn't even know he was home, I just heard some loud banging noises in the laundry room and thought that either the dogs or Lily was up to something. So, out I go. Surprise surprise! It's hubby! And he's fixing the dryer!

The thing still squeaks, but it works and it's a temporary fix until we can bring in the other dryer. I can at least get some more clothes washed. In the meantime, my hubby is Mr. Fix-it! And it's oh so sexy!!

In other news, Jack also things his dad is the greatest. This evening, I went to the video store (impending snow storm and all around crap weather coming this weekend) and to Meijers. When I came back Jack, Casey and Lily were sitting on the couch, Jack in Casey's arms and he was just staring at his dad. Casey handed Jack over to me and instantly he was in a bad mood. So, we walked into the computer room and instantly he was talking to his Dad. He wanted Casey. He wanted Daddy time. Talk about making Mommy feel like poo! Ah, but I take comfort knowing that most days it is Mommy that he wants. Woot to the mommy!

All that being said, it is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy past my bedtime.

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Mircalla said...

hey it happened the same to me... and i am lost without my hairdryer. let's say that i am addicted to it, although not proud about this vice.

lofty put it apart and fixed it... more or less.

i am jelous that you have snow storms!!!!