Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday Ronin decided to dig up something that looked like it had once been a possum and decided to ingest some of it. EWWWWW!!!! I can understand doggy nature to a certain extent but no dog is going to come in our house reaking like something long dead. So, about 8:30 last night, Casey still feeling like poo, we gave Ronin a bath (after we go and look for the dead thing, which be double bagged and through in our trash can to be collected). Ronin came out smelling like an oatmeal cookie.
This evening, Casey still feels like poo, it's closer to 9:30 and well... Ronin is banned from the house until we can give him a bath tomorrow.   We looked outside to see if we could find any remnents of dead things in the back yard, but we didn't find anything.  I'm thinking I'll go outside tomorrow with a shovel and maybe turn the earth where we found ye olde dead thing.  
I am REALLY glad that it's going to be warm tomorrow because I'm going to be hosing him off outside, this time. 
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to kick my husband into bed. 

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