Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"I wonder what would happen if we made their teeth come in FOUR at a time?"

Jackson has four teeth coming in.  All on the top.  The first two cut through a couple of days ago.  They're barely out, but wait! As if nature didn't have anything better to do (YO! IT'S SPRING! GO MAKE SOME BUNNIES MATE OR SOMETHING!), two more teeth adjacent to both top (right and left sides) have decided that it was time for them to come through too!  

Now, it's not soooo horrible (says the one who finally got a full five hours of sleep last night and didn't have to get up every hour and a half with the kid).  With the two center ones (upper left and right central for y'all who want to get your dental-geek on) partially erupted (haha, dental-geek) the upper left lateral is just starting to peak through (I can see a decent sized "white spot") and the upper right lateral has a smaller "white spot" where it's going to erupt but yep, they're there.  Jackson is definitely a fan of the baby anbesol and so am I!  His mood can change incredibly rapidly if it starts to wear off.   The kid just turned 7 months.  Those lateral teeth apparently aren't supposed to come in until around 9 months.  

I think I'm going to agree with Casey and say that he's in a hurry to do everything.   His current favorite thing to do?  Dive-bomb stuff that's just out of his reach.  It's like if he flings himself toward something he'll be able to reach it.  While I wait with anticipation for him to start crawling, it also makes me V E R Y nervous. 

Casey's birthday presents will be ordered this week.  I've decided that 30 is going to be a fun birthday to spoil him with some stuff with.   I've given him the clues "flour" and "moo" for a couple of his presents.  He's still scratching his head.  If anyone has any guesses, feel free to comment and I'll tell you yay or nay.   Just keep in mind that when I gave him his popcorn popper, I gave him the hint "sparky vegitables."  Yes, I know corn is a grain, but you use vegitable oil to pop it so yeah... it works.  Think obscurely. Hee hee. 

I'm off.  Must make dinner. 

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