Friday, December 04, 2009

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Usually sometime in December I get bitten by the snow bug and begin a whiny chorus of "Why isn't it snowing yet?" Usually a day or so after I do this the sky opens up and it dumps on us. I won't be doing that this year. In fact, I really don't feel the need to. Why? Because it is 27 degrees outside and it snowed, sideways today! Big fluffy flakes! Thankfully, none of these big fluffy flakes are sticking to the ground but it snowed and I am now feeling all warm and fuzzy and full of the holiday spirit! And I'm seriously contemplating putting a pair of Uggs on my Christmas list.

The Monday following Thanksgiving (which was absolutely slothful and wonderful and full of family warm fuzzies that I can't even begin to express how fabulous of a time I had) I took to the task that was loading my Christmas playlist into the IPhone. The week before, however, I was yelling at the neighbor kids, telling them that they would be banned from my house if they sang anything resembling a christmas song in my house prior to Thanksgiving (they tried... and they failed! Why? Because I made them sit on the porch! Cold is punishment enough says I!). Now, I'm running around singing all the inappropriate lyrics to Jingle Bells (batman smells!), Deck the Halls (with gasoline) and Rudolph (LIKE A LIGHTBULB!!). i also find myself wishing that Tom Waits would release a Christmas album. How awesome would that be? His gravely voice singing Frosty the Snowman! Yes!!! David Bowie could provide accompaniment!

Now, I must go pick up the kids and annoy them with Bob and Doug Mackenzie and prepare for our shoot tomorrow. I swore I wouldn't shoot in the cold, but apparently that's not stopping Casey. I bought myself one of those mad bomber hats and gloves today just for the occasion. Woot.

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