Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled day with a blog post.

Day two of school and I'm feeling more awake than I was yesterday. The funny thing is, I think I accomplished slightly more yesterday than I have today. I say that and yet I've done a ton of stuff today already and am just now sitting down for some lunch and am taking a moment to blog.

Jackson threw a tantrum yesterday and today when the bus came for Lily. It doesn't help that he woke up shortly before the bus came and he wakes up on the grumpy side, too. He very much wanted to ride on the school bus with Lily and go to school. Lily, I think, is enjoying getting away from Jack and playing with kids her own age.

She definitely had a good first day. She came home and ran up to the door wanting to tell me all about her day. She thinks her teacher is fabulous, she said the coach was funny and there are no cute boys in her class. She also made a friend, but she can't remember her name. That was funny. I was also informed that there is another Lily in her class, but it's spelled Lillie.

Jackson kept asking me all day yesterday (and has asked several times today) "Where's Lily?" I tell him where she is and he instantly says "I want to go to school!" He's rather excited because today we're going to go pick Lily up and he thinks he's going to go to school to learn.

In other Jackson news, little man has 3 nursery songs in his repertoire and is learning one more. He sings Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and London Bridge. He is learning the alphabet song (a two year old that sorta knows his alphabet?! That's awesome!) and he sings along with countless songs on my Ipod and on Gabba Gabba. Little man also has just discovered Thomas the Train and he's very much into cars- both the pixar Cars movie and matchbox cars. He is talking up a storm and loves to bug his sister whenever possible.

Not much else to report. The house is fairly clean, in about ten minutes I'll need to fold more laundry and put it away and the family is doing wonderful. I hope everyone else is enjoying the beginning of the school year as much as I am!

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