Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adventure Time

Today, Jack and I left the house for the first time since Monday morning when I took Lily to school (and promptly decided when I got home that I was NOT ready).  My nerves were a bit on the frazzled side, but I did it!
And I am tired!
The first thing we did was head to the pediatrician's office.  Jack had his 5 day check up and he is doing wonderfully.  The doctor said he was beautiful!  Jack has already gotten back to his birth weight, which is good news to me because I was worried that he wasn't eatting enough.  Yesterday, Mickie picked me up some formula so I could supplement because Jack was literally draining me dry!  Thankfully, he's eatting just fine and he's growing and just to put my worries at ease, Dr. Wycoff said that I could bring him in next week to check his weight if I was so nervous about it.  Being the hormonally paranoid Jess that I currently am, I readily agreed to this. 
After visiting the doctor, I was feeling a bit more adventurous and after letting Casey know how the appointment went, I headed to Baby's R Us to pick up a couple of bottles for a breast pump (didn't have any that fit the breast pump Carrie loaned me) and then I was off to Best Buy to pick up Halo 3 for the family.  
You know how some families do a board game night where they play Monopoly or some other relatively fun game?  Well, we do that but we also play Halo.  It started with just me and Casey playing Halo (he got the original one as a birthday present for "me") and then Halo 2 and then Lily decided that she wanted to play as well (she was about 4 or 5 at the time) and so Halo night was started.  Well, not so much Halo night but video game night.  Halo just generally is the game of choice.   We have fun, although at the moment I'm blogging and they're playing.   I'll get to play with Casey when Lily goes to bed. 
When I came home, I was completely pooped and my back was hurting.  I had a couple of hours before I had to pick Lily up from school, so I had some lunch and checked my email.   I am amazed at how tired I am!  I guess I was expecting to be able to bounce back but that is definitely not the case.  I'm going to have to actually take it easy and not do the whole running around thing quite yet, which kinda sucks because there is grocery shopping to be done.  Oh well, I'll drag Casey with me and do it this weekend. 
So yeah, that's been my day.  I'm now going to relax, check for the latest celeb gossip (I'm addicted), feed Jack in about half an hour and just chill.  Maybe even go to bed early... Nope, wait, there's good TV tonight.  Ah, if only I had Tivo.... 

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