Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nothing Yet...

It looks like my prediction won't come true.  There is about an hour left in the day and there is not even a twinge of or an inkling of labor starting.   I blame it on the Notre Dame game.  It was the worst game they played in a while.  The final score was 33 to 3, Georgia Tech winning. 
I actually didn't watch much of the game.  I fell asleep probably thirty minutes into it and slept until well after it was over. I think the whole reason I didn't go into labor during the game (which was my prediction) was because the game sucked so horribly bad.  
Today was relaxing, though, which was nice.  We hung out at Casey's parents, ate bratwurst, baked beans, doritos, potato salad and coleslaw... Oh wait, that's everything I ate.  I don't think everyone ate the amount that I did, but the bratwurst really did hit the spot.  I have had a huge appetite the past couple of days.  In fact, the only thing that I think I've done the past few days is eat, sleep, and the whole bodily functions thing that are necessary.  Stick a diaper on me and I'm  just like a baby!  I swear if I'm not in bed, I'm on the couch.  Well, with the exception of every half hour or so running to the bathroom.  I don't think I'll know what to do when I actually have bladder capacity.  I think I'll be in awe not having to go to the bathroom so often. 
I think I'm going to crash again.  Casey and Lily are both in bed already (it's only 11:10, but Casey worked today and Lily still needs to keep up with her bedtime).  I can hear my wonderful husband snoring away upstairs.  That means two things: 1) He's really tired and 2) his sinus' are acting up. 
If I go into labor, I'll let y'all know. I don't see it happening, though...

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