Monday, May 26, 2008

Um, a little air please?

It's very warm in here.  We've got fans on, windows open and short of dumping a bucket of cool water on my head... yeah, I'm toasty.  Jackson has FINALLY fallen asleep and I'm watching "House of Mirth."  Frankly, I am a bit bored.   The only shining moment is Gillian Anderson.  I think the story is a bit on the dull side and it is not keeping my interest at all.   Even Gillian Anderson, who I absolutely adore for more than just her portrayal of Dana Scully on the X-Files among other roles, can't save this movie I'm afraid. 

Casey and I managed to snag some much needed "adult" time this weekend.  Many many many huge thanks to Casey's parents for watching our two little monkeys.  We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie.  I was most definitely entertained and enjoyed myself thuroughly.  I'm still trying to figure out whether or not Cate Blanchett intentionally slipped in and out of the bad russian accent, though.   Harrison Ford is still yummy after all these years.  Sigh. 

Fifteen days until my birthday.  Fifteen more days left of my 20s and then I'm 30.  I was a bit worried about turning 30, but now I'm looking at it more like just another birthday.   I'm hoping my husband has something planned, but so far it looks like all the planning is falling to me (as per usual).  I'd like to be surprised on my birthday (if someone wants to call and tell him so, feel free) but I don't see that happening either.  So far my only plans are birthday donuts with Mickie, a tradition that has gone on for 5 years or so (possibly more, I just can't remember... that whole getting old thing).  After that, it's zoo camp for Lily, shopping and lunch with my mom (something I'm definitely looking forward to), eventually picking up Lily and hanging out with my kids.   Same old same old.   I guess old is the keyword, huh?

I think I'll go take a cool shower and then off to bed with me. 

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Matthew said...

It was the long o's; for some reason she couldn't do a proper Russian o and so every 'Doctor Jones' sounded completely ridiculous.