All of the words and none of the words.

I want to scream.  

I want to scream, yell, cry, shout, hurl things across the room, break something.  I have all of the words going through my head yet at the same time I lack the ability to express exactly how fucking pissed off I am.  Yeah, fucking pissed off.  That hits the tip of the iceberg but beneath the surface you know how deep that fucker is?  

The worst part?  It's not like I can do anything BUT scream, shout, throw a temper tantrum, whathaveyou.  I don't have the ability to do anything about this except maybe uproot my family once again and GTFO. 

On this day, some high muckity muck in Florida decided that your drivers license has to say what sex you are at birth otherwise if you get pulled over and a cop doesn't think you're the gender that your license is, they can essentially arrest you for fraud.  This means if I'm traveling with my wife, we get pulled over, they ask her for her drivers license and they see that it says F for female and they don't think she's a woman, they can say "That's fraud!" And promptly throw her in jail for it.  

I have fallen in love with this state. It's beautiful.  I love living here.  I love the recharge from the sun on my skin, the sand in my toes, and waves at the beach.  I love driving under the canopy of intertwined trees and all of the flowers and wildlife.  There is nothing like the beauty of this state anywhere else in this country.  It is absolutely filling me with rage that I'm pretty much going to have to leave it because there are certain fucksticks in this state that think it's any of their business that I or my wife (or any person for that matter) has between our legs.  Essentially, Florida wants to dress code the human existence.  

Fuck you, Florida.  

Seriously.  Think about it- how are they going to enforce this?  Are we all going to have to show are tits, vag and/or penis if we want to go to the bathroom? Are they going to MRI our inner bits before we go into a stall? Nope! Sorry, you've got ovaries! You can't go into the man's bathroom!  Nope, sorry! You have a vagina! You can't go into a man's bathroom!   Fucking pearl-clutching fucksticks.   What about inter-sex people?  People that have both?  Are you making allowances for them? 

Fuck you Florida.  I'm really mad at you right now. It makes me scared to go out with my wife because I'm scared that she's going to be targeted.  It makes me scared to go out with my 23 year old because he is very non-binary.  Are you going to make my 15 year old son cut his hair because it's almost down to his ass? 

I am angry and I don't know what to do other than throw a tantrum and say fuck you, Florida.  More specifically- fuck you you fucking fucksticks that make the rules. 


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