New Year, Same old Jess

We survived New Year mostly intact.  The whole sickness that Ace brought back from the great northern wasteland (I call it that affectionately, people.) made it's way through Ace, Kacy and then myself.  Both Kacy and I took turns over doing it and ending up back in bed, feeling worse than we did before.  I think we have finally managed to come to a compromise that has both of us calling it a night around 8pm, heading to our room and falling asleep anywhere before 10pm.  Kacy then will wake up ass early in the morning (or at least ass early in my opinion) and I will sleep till around 9am.  This arrangement seems to be working.  At least, today it seems to be working. 

Today I have been making the requisite phone calls and scheduling the necessary tasks for work, life, etc.  The worst part about dealing with scheduling stuff around the holidays is the holidays and everyone going on vacation.  I called this morning about my Dad's holter test that was done on Dec. 2nd and it still hasn't been transcribed.  Getting the results have been nothing short of frustrating and led me to actually make a call to his new cardiologist and ask if it was better to just have the holter redone since the old cardiologist seemed to be dragging their feet.  

I'm still waiting for a response there. 

I feel like I've been fairly productive, though.  I wrote my cousin a big long letter, I've returned phone calls, scheduled things for work, dealt with insurance hiccups, dealt with work hiccups and have been in a fairly good mood doing so.  I need to find time to get my glasses repaired and I missed my hair appointment because I really couldn't drive the day that I was scheduled.  Honestly, I wouldn't have wanted to pass this plague onto my stylist anyway.  I like her far too much.  For the most part, 2024 has started out rather smoothly with decisions made that have moved the plot along.  

Now, if only we could get the guy to call us back about the floors for the casita and get that scheduled, I'd be incredibly happy.  

I decided that I wasn't going to do any kind of resolutions or pick a word that was going to be my year or anything like that.  I don't want to sign myself up for any more work than I already have, I'm already starting the year off tired and I'm thinking it is only going to get better from here. So yeah, if it's a slow burn, rock and roll. I'm perfectly okay with a slow burn.  I could use some slow for a while.  Not too slow, though, because we all know how impatient I can be. 

If anything, I'd like to continue the exploration of myself this year.  I'd like to say that I'm going to learn how to say no and how to set proper boundaries, but I know that may not be the easiest of tasks to undertake so I'm going to just go with the current.  I am, however, not going to allow myself to feel bad for saying no.  That's one thing that I'm definitely going to do.  I'm going to try and take on less but still do what I can and want to help people.  I am, however, going to be a lot more selfish about my time and if I'm going to be more honest about that.  If I don't feel like doing something, then I'm just going to be honest rather than giving some half-baked excuse.  I'm going to allow myself to breathe, recover and move forward and through this year.  I think a good word for this year is going to be fluid.  I want to move through it like water.  Sure, there may be some rough patches, but I'll keep following the current.  I'm hoping that if anything I enjoy the process. 


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