Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well, we've technically got about an hour and a half before Christmas, but I figured tomorrow we'll be busy celebrating, so I wanted to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas!

We finally got a VERY excited Lily to bed around 10:00PM. This after many hugs and kisses and then us remembering that we forgot to put out milk and cookies for Santa (which this year we put out egg nog instead of milk), so that meant up again and then out with the cookies and then back to bed.

Santa is one lucky guy, this year. He gets fresh cookies from our house. We made (from scratch) sugar cookies in the shapes of ginger bread boys and girls, stockings, snowmen, candy canes and christmas trees. Casey made the frosting and while he and I frosted, Lily added sprinkles. Can you believe I haven't even had one cookie yet today? For some reason I have been anti-sweets today. Maybe it's because I'm gearing up for tomorrow?

In other news, I went to Christmas Eve mass this afternoon. First time since I was 14 (I'm 28 now). I didn't do it so much for me, but for Lily because she wanted to participate in the mass and who am I to pass up the opportunity for my kid to be a VERY CUTE angel (YouTube video coming soon)? She actually sang, and did the arm movements for the song and made me all weepy and proud. The actual mass was fine. Father Cam included the kids and allowed them to ask questions and talked to them directly. He's a great priest from what I could tell. I was just thrilled to see Lily actually paying attention and answering Fr. Cam's questions when he asked them. She says she enjoys mass. My mom thought it was a nice mass, too.

After mass, Mom and John came over and had a piece of cake and dropped off presents for Lily, Casey and me.

I'm excited and want to go to sleep. I really want christmas to be here because I can't WAIT for Lily to see the kitten we got her (although, it's not getting here until about 10AM, but that's okay with me...). I'm going to have to try and sleep in as much as possible. Maybe make her sleep a little more with me, cuddle, etc...

We have one more thing to wrap and then we have to bring all the stuff up. Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!!

Merry Christmas to all of my family!!! Merry Christmas to all my readers!! And may you all have a warm and fun Christmas!

Oh, PS Norad's Santa Tracker says he's around Atlanta, GA, so all you Georgians need to go to sleep!!!

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Mircalla said...

happy xmas to you. you look so excited! it must be v. emotional to see your girl so profoundly involved in the Christmas spirit.