Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Assholes

This morning I woke up in a really good mood (and I'm still in a pretty good mood with the exception of the story I am about to tell). Lily and I danced around to Christmas tunes while I cleaned up the kitchen. We ate cereal, giggled and sang at the top of our lungs. Fun fun fun.

I got ready for work, kissed my family goodbye and headed out the door at 12:30 (was going to get to work early so I could chat and let Erica take off early). I walked out to my car and noticed the door slighly ajar. I opened it the rest of the way and there it was... Or rather, there it wasn't. My stereo, a Sony XPlode that I purchased when I got Alejandro, was missing. The dash was ripped open and up, the air conditioning knobs were off, and my stereo was gone. Fucking fabulous. I ran in the house, grabbed the phone and called the cops. I did the whole police report thing, he got out of his car and said it didn't look like a slim jim was used, but he couldn't really tell and that was that. Merry Christmas. (Note: the above pic is not from my car.)

So now, I'm out a $200 stereo (which was the purchase price a year ago) and I'm also out a Suzuki Piano Volume 1&2 CD, along with a handful of other CDs like my Romeo and Juliet soundtrack (the Baz Luhrman version), Pulp Fiction, The Animatrix, Imogen Heep "Speak for Yourself" amoung others. The ones I listed were the ones that I can remember having off the top of my head. Oddly enough, they didn't take the new Madonna CD... (I'm thinking they left that one on purpose and I'm kinda glad because I borrowed that one.)

I keep telling myself that it's just stuff. It can be replaced. Unfortunately, it's my stuff and I'm really pissed off because I have been making a point to lock my doors lately. Locking doors is a big deal for me because where I grew up in Kentucky, we never locked our car doors. In fact, whenever I go back to visit I never lock my car doors. It's hard for me to remember, but I remembered yesterday simply because of our trip to the mall yesterday evening.

SO yeah. If anyone can copy me any of those CDs I listed, that would be really cool. I'm also totally up for a car alarm if Santa so wants to bring one for me...

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