Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some people are just complete assholes.

This is a picture of Shadow sitting on Casey's lap taken back in July, just shortly after the parental units got him. Shadow is very much like our Jayne. He was a complete spaz, had to follow you and be with you at all times, and just seemed to love on you. Despite the fact that he didn't listen too well (which is something that Jayne suffered from during puppyhood), he was still this incredibly loveable dog that would get as close to you as possible just because he could never get close enough to be loved on.

This afternoon some asshole in a truck hit him and killed him. This asshole didn't even stop! The neighbor apparently saw it and said that there was an audible thwack (which makes me sick to my stomach) and that the asshole kept going. What kind of person hits a dog on a completely clear day and just keeps going?! WTF?! It's just not right. I'm going to miss you, puppy.

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Mircalla said...

I am really really sorry!