Sunday, December 03, 2006

Warm fuzzy feelings

We're into December now and I'm completely feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Tonight we put up our Christmas tree. We put up our multi-colored balls, tacky dangly ornaments, characters from the Rudolph movies (complete with Abominable Snow Man), an icicle-like Father Christmas and I sucked up putting on strands of icicles while treated to another year of the "Have you ever pulled an icicle from a dogs butt?" story by Casey. Yep, in our family, we don't talk about baby Jesus or stuff we want Santa to bring us for Christmas, we talk about pulling icicle strands from a dog's rear. And every year we laugh just as hard while imagining said dog.

The end product? A fun filled holiday evening that ends with whatever Christmas movie is on TV and a lighted Christmas tree to enjoy twinkling at us from the dining room.

This week I finish up my Christmas shopping for everyone and it's school as usual. Oh, and my "unbirthday" is also this week. Unbirthday = the day that I was officially/legally adopted by my parents.

I just feel cheery. I feel warm, fuzzy and kind of emotional. Here's Lily putting the Angel on our tree. I always get a little weepy whenever she puts it up. I don't know why. I remember my dad picking me up and letting me put the star on top of our tree. I love the fact that Casey shares the same thing with her. I love our family traditions. I love Christmastime.

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Mircalla said...

Happy unbirthday, girl!

P.S. I mis-read the post below... thought it was your seduction style. : )